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VOCALOID ARTICLE SERIES: Akuno-P's works (EvilsTheatre story)

Ohayou!!!! hari ini kayaknya hii-chan nge-blog pagi2 banget, ya.... Oh ya,, now, hii-chan want to post 'bout Evils Theatre story!!!!!! yup,, ini cerita yang dibikin lagu bersambung-sambung itu sama Akuno-P.. hmmm... daripada lama,, ini dia ceritanya!!!


  • Rillianne Lucifen d'Autriche (Rin Kagamine): "Daughter of Evil". She is a princess of Lucifenia. She does not remember that Allen is her twin brother. "d'Autriche" means "of Austria" in French.
  • Allen Abaddonia (Len Kagamine): "Servant of Evil". He is a chamberlain who serves the princess, acting incognito. Leonhart Abaddonia is his adopted father and Jermeille is his adopted sister.
  • Queen Anne (Sweet Ann): Allen and Rillianne's mother.
  • Germaine Abaddonia (Meiko): "Swordswoman in a Red Armor". She lives in a castle town of Lucifenia. Her adopted father is Leonhart Abaddonia.
  • Michaela (Miku Hatsune): "Girl of the Kingdom of Green". She works for Keel Freesis, a great merchant, as a maid in a kingdom named Elphegort. She is beautiful, gentle, friendly and beloved by everyone. Also she has a beautiful singing voice.
  • Kyle Marlon (Kaito): "King of the Blue Kingdom". In the basic plot story he is a prince of an unnamed kingdom but appears as a king of the Marlon Kingdom in the novel. He is a fiance of the princess. His mother is the queen dowager Prim (Prima) of Marlon and he has at least thirteen sisters.
  • Clarise (Haku Yowane): "Daughter of White". She works for Keel Freesis as a maid.
  • Charttetto (Teto Kasane): A lady's maid who serves the princess. She is a childhood friend of Allen.
  • Ney Futapie (Neru Akita): A lady's maid who serves the princess. She blurts whatever comes into her loose mouth.
  • Leonhart Abaddonia (Leon): "Commander of Royal Guard" of Lucifenia. He is one of "Three Heroes".
  • Mariam Futapie (Miriam): "Head of Lady's Maids" of Lucifenia. She is good at cloak-and-dagger activity and also one of "Three Heroes". Ney Futapie is her adopted daughter.
  • Elluka Clockworker (Luka Megurine): "Sorceress". She is a court sorceress of Lucifenia and also one of "Three Heroes".
  • Gast Venom (Gakupo Kamui): He is called "Demon of Asmodean". He is a mighty free companion and leads a mercenary force named "Asmodean Company". Asmodean is a name of a country which once fought for supremacy against Lucifenia.
  • Gūmilia (Gumi): She is regarded as one of "Next Three Heroes". She is an apprentice of Elluka and a friend of Michaela.
  • Keel Freesis (Kiyoteru Hiyama): "Wealthy Merchant" who lives in Elfegote. He is an immigrant from the Marlon Kingdom and a friend of Kyle Marlon.

Chapter 1 -A Fierce Princess-

Once upon a time there was a kingdom. A wise king who built the kingdom in his lifetime was taken with illness and a queen of the sweet voice, who was his wife, ruled the land instead of him. She governed for the betterment of people, rather better than him, and the kingdom enjoyed prosperity. Although her reign continued after his death, she suffered from the same affection and passed away. The one left behind was her "only daughter", who was brought up in comfort, having great-flamboyant furniture, a beautiful and fine horse and a servant who looked like her and was willing to do whatever she wanted. She took her mother's place and reigned the kingdom. However, her dominion was far from good. She imposed heavy taxes on the people and purged the ones who did not abide by her orders. Gradually people came to call the country as "the kingdom of evil and cruelty" and the princess as "daughter of evil".

Chapter 2 -A Mighty Famine Strikes-

Substantially "daughter of evil" was at the position of a queen, however, out of deference to her mother the queen she decided she would rule the kingdom as a princess and would not take over the throne until she came of age. One day, a mighty famine suddenly struck the kingdom and many people lost their lives for hunger except some haves. Some lieges told her how people were impoverished and offered their opinions to provide relief for them, but she just said, "If they don’t have bread, they had better eat cake!"

Chapter 3 -A Feud Between A Swordswoman And The Princess-

Since then, there was no one who offered one’s opinion to the princess except a loyal subject who had served since her mother’s period of rule. He was called "a commander of royal guards who has a name of lion". He was the only man that remonstrated with her and offered counsel to her to help the people. He was also a hero who had saved the kingdom before and still hold on power. Finally he and lieges who supported him unilaterally made a decision to save the people from hunger. The princess got angry because the meals at the royal palace became meager and the things went on behind her back. One night, she had the commander to come to her own room in the palace. On the next morning, there was his dead body at a riverside on the fringe of the kingdom and beside it "the servant who looked like the princess" was standing. He said, "No one can disobey her now". Few hours later, "a girl in red clothes" dissolved in tears by the dead body. She secretly vowed revenge against the princess for her father.

Chapter 4 -Jealousy And A War-

The fierce princess was in love with "a man of blue", who was a prince of a kingdom accross the sea. She sent out her liege to propose marriage, however, he replied "I have the one whom I love in the land of green. So I cannot marry you." The princess got furious with jealousy and thought to kill "the woman of green" whom he loved, but she did not know who she was. One day, she called away a minister and ordered in a quiet voice; "If you cannot find out the woman of green, destroy all the land of green". The war between two counties broke out overnight. Many houses were burnt and many people lost their lives. People suffered and mourned, however, the princess would not know it and kept living in the palace with grace as always; "Oh, it’s time for a snack"

Chapter 5 -What Happened To Blue And Green-

Pathetically, the land of green was destroyed. However, the woman of green was still alive because "the servant who looked like the princess" had hidden her in a well, which had protected her from fires. He was also in love with her. He was thinking that since the princess did not know the woman's face, it would be better to take her to where "the man of blue" was after things were settled down and the princess would not try to destroy the kingdom where the one whom she loved lived. One day the princess handed over a small glass bottle to the servant. When the princess wanted to ask something important to him, she always did that way without saying directly and orally. It had become a habit since the servant had told her a legend. And what was written on a parchment which he took out of the bottle was "Liquidate her". "The man of blue" found the one whom he loved had become dead and cold in the well. He secretly vowed revenge against the princess.

Chapter 6 -A Rebellion-

The people abruptly rose in rebellion against the princess of evil. They were led by "a swordswoman in a red armor" and "a man with a mask and blue hair". The anger of "the woman of red", "the man of blue" and the people covered the entire kingdom and the rebellious troops defeated the royal army which had severalfold men under. Fortunately for the troops that the army was impoverished by the recent war, they surrounded the royal palace, and all the ministers and servants ran away. The one left behind was pretty, lily and cruel "daughter of evil". When she was almost captured, she shouted "You, insolent fellow!". The princess was arrested at last and that was the end of the kingdom.

Chapter 7 -The Last Moment-

The execution of the princess was decided to be conducted on 3 o’clock in the afternoon when bells of the church would ring. "She" was put in a jail and no one knew what "she" was thinking. People gathered to a square where a guillotine was ready. The bells of the church rang and a blade fell. The last words "she" said was neither words of begging for "her" life nor apologizing to people, but "her" favorite phrase; "Oh, it’s time for a snack". The execution was conducted, and everyone thought "the daughter of evil" was dead and everything was over.

Chapter 8 -Epilogue-

Few days after the execution a rumor circulated, which told that the one who had been killed on that day was a scapegoat and the princess was still alive. In a town, at a harbor, the one who stood, hiding oneself from prying eyes, was the servant who looked like the princess; "I’m sorry…Allen". This is a story of once upon a time.
Yup!!!! gimana ceritanya???? Good, or bad??? gomen minna-san,, ini masih pake bahasa inggris,, karena hii-chan belum sempet terjemahinnya...

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Qent mengatakan...

oh my~ i'm really touched by this story for the first time i watched the pvs!! T___T

thank you for posting the actual story version of the novel~ ><

Qent mengatakan...

oh my, thank you for posting the actual story for novel version of this great quartet series!! ><

i'm really touched for the first time i'm watching the video~ ><