Senin, 15 November 2010

Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot!!!

Good evening, everyone (in Indonesia of course) as you know, I always look at my blog statistic everytime I sign up in this account. And now,, I want to say thank you for you all who read and like this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, for my followers and the one who give comment. I'm very happy to know, that my blog's readers is not just in Southeast Asia,, but in America, Europe, East-Asia, and Africa >.<

I wrote this post with english (i'm sorry, my english is terrible) 'cause most of my blog readers are in USA!!!!! Thanks USA!!! i love you all...!! :)

Yeah,, I just want to say THANKS A LOT FOR YOU ALL (english)!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU MINNA (japanese)!!!!!!!!!!!! MAKASIH BANYAK (indonesian)!!!!!

I never realized that some people in Europe or America read this blog. I think i'ts seldom for me to write with english here (even almost NEVER =.=) I wanna ask you, somebody in america or europe,, what did you read??? do you understand Indonesian?? I think you don't understand my language. but if you understand,, I'll be proud about it.. Because sometimes Indonesian is difficult.

Ah,,, it's already midnight.. I have to go to sleep...
Once again, thanks a lot,,,, everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I very very very very very HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good night for you all..... Oyasumi nasai... *zzzz.... sleeping*

Kiriko Hinamori (hii-chan!!)

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★hii-chan!!★ mengatakan...

Yosh!!!!! Sekarang hii-chan sadar,, hii-chan harus berusaha lebih keras lagi biar blog ini bisa dibaca juga ama orang jepang, inggris, dll... hehehehe GANBARIMASU YO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *zzz....* *sleep again*